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Why should I join HKDA?

HKDA is the leading dietetic organisation in Hong Kong. It is a non-profit, professional member association representing more than 200 dietitian members in Hong Kong.

Be part of an Association that:
• Promotes high standard professional dietetic practice
• Supports ethical practice
• Provides professional support to members
• Helps build nutrition knowledge among the public
• Strives for statutory registration of local dietitians
• Promotes members to the public, health professionals, key influencers and the media

Your HKDA membership provides:
• Continuing Dietetic Education opportunities, such as conferences, workshops or seminars
• Continuing Education Fund, i.e. sponsorship to selected international or local nutrition conferences
• Nutrition-related news and opportunities through HKDA Newsletter (member only) and regular emails
• Access to job openings
• Opportunities to conducting public talks or participating in nutrition projects
• Chances to network with fellow dietitians